HAPPY 2015

The year continues to go really well. After appearances on AGENT CARTER and SHAMELESS earlier this year, in April I got to be a part of a workshop of a new Disney Musical. You can also look forward to seeing me in upcoming episodes of AWKWARD (MTV, episode “The Graduates”), SWITCHED AT BIRTH (ABC Family, episode “Ye$”),GAME SHAKERS for Nickelodeon, and AMERICAN CRIME STORY for FX.

You can also see me in a State Farm Commercial which played a lot during the NBA Finals with the charming and talented Clippers’ Point Guard, Chris Paul… I mean his twin brother, Cliff.

Foreclosure: A Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy is still one of the favorites too. Also looking forward to soon releasing my next collaboration, YELP REVIEWS, with Greg Bryan.

Have a look around the site and enjoy.

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